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University Resource Alignment

As part of our strategic planning effort, the university is launching an initiative to evaluate all institutional programs, both academic and administrative, to ensure alignment of resources with strategic objectives. A committee has been charged to design a process that will be both transparent and inclusive of a wide range of campus participants. Numerous institutions across the country have undertaken similar efforts as part of their strategic plans, often with the intent of achieving new objectives, starting new programs, or simply recovering from eras of contraction and budget reductions.

The committee first convened on February 16, 2017, to begin researching how other institutions have approached this challenge, both to emulate successful practices and to avoid unsuccessful pitfalls. This type of initiative is known to take many months to complete, when done well. Through the coming months we will be vigorously communicating with the campus community and inviting participation. Watch this page for regular updates!


Target Completion:  Decisions made in time to incorporate into new budget model beginning July 2018

PhaseTarget GoalTimeframe
Phase 1
Learn from other institutions, read available research, share with campus, identify dataComplete
Phase 2
Through iterative discussion with campus community, define academic and administrative programs, select assessment criteria, identify teams, plan workflow, develop tools, compile dataComplete
Phase 3
Working in teams with broad campus involvement, collect information, evaluate according to predetermined criteria, summarize resultsSummer–Fall 2017
Phase 4
Categorize programs according to assessment resultsFall–Winter 2017
Phase 5
Post results and categorizations for campus final comment periodSpring 2018
Phase 6
Incorporate comments, refine categorizations, submit to ChancellorSpring 2018

January 10, 2018 Update

Recent: Chancellor and Provost approval of criteria and programs list; moving onto Phase 3.

NextWorking on evaluation and rubrics to be released.